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Some chat rooms are particularly appealing to youthful Internet users.

Millions of young people from a variety of cultures exchange opinions daily on almost any subject.

Growing impatient, Gaw and Amoukar go to find Naoh and are also captured.

During their ordeal, they are disturbed to realize that one of the teasers is Naoh, initially unrecognizable as he now wears the full body-paint of the Ivaka.

Many people who visit chat rooms, though, are not there to discuss academic subjects.“I was chatting online with someone,” recalls a teen named Philip, “when an immoral picture popped up on my screen.

Note: Many of our articles have direct quotes from sources you can cite, within the Wikipedia article! The film begins with an attack of the ape-like Wagabu tribe on the Neanderthal Ulam tribe.

Left by Naoh and Amoukar to guard the fire with Ika, Gaw is severely wounded in a fight with a mother cave bear, barely managing to escape.

While they travel back towards the Ulam grounds, Amoukar attempts to make a pass at Ika: she hides near Naoh, who then shows his bond with her by forcing sex upon her in front of the other two males. However, when Ika leaves them the next morning, Naoh is upset; at first he continues without her, but finds he cannot stop thinking about her.

The Ulam elder decides to send three men, Naoh (Everett Mc Gill), Amoukar (Ron Perlman) and Gaw (Nameer El-Kadi), out on a dangerous quest for fire.