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01-Nov-2017 18:20

Details provided by the Special Events Planning Team Tweet this story: The Reform Group report they have today received 75 sign-ups for the proposed new resolution to be put to the members at a General Meeting along with and a staggering £765 towards the cost of the campaign. The second is a sign-up form for those who support the request. WSRA members are strongly encouraged to read these two documents carefully.If the WSRA Trustee Board publish a statement we will post it here.The way folks access the internet has changed much over the last few years.

The author accepts no liability for any direct, special, indirect, or consequential damages or injuries or any other damages or injuries of whatsoever kind resulting from whatever cause through the use of any information obtained directly or indirectly from this web site.Part of that sponsorship will be used to provide a £25 prize for the photograph taken of the Run which captures the theme of 'Cars, trains and West Somerset'. Details provided by the Run Organiser Tweet this story: Of the locos running at the Mixed Traction Weekend on 5-7 June 2015, the home fleet of Class 14 no D9526, Hymek no D7017 and Warship no D832 are of course classic WR hydraulics, whilst the home-based Brush Type 4 (Class 47) no D1661 is a former WR machine and the Class 33 no D6575 would have been seen regularly at locations where the Southern Region met the WR such as Exeter St Davids.Entries to the Run Organiser, please, within ten days of the Run. Of the event guests, Peak no 45060 Sherwood Forester was a regular visitor to the West Country on inter-regional services between the late 60s and 1980s, Class 56 no 56006 represents the first type 5s to operate on the WR, starting in the 1980s when 56s appeared working Mendip stone trains in the Westbury area, and Class 59 no 59003 is one of the original class members that were imported by Foster Yeoman Ltd to work their stone trains from their Mendip quarry at Merehead.The 292 is the first sled I bought." It's great to see the old timers in action!

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To help pick your photographic spot(s), the Run guide booklet, setting out the route and timings, can be obtained from the Run Organiser on receipt of an A5 S. No 59003 has been working in Germany for a number of years and has only recently been repatriated to the UK by owners GBRF who are currently finishing off work on the loco at Eastleigh before bringing it to the WSR for its formal re-dedication at Minehead on the Friday of the Mixed Traction Weekend event.