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It’s also pulling off much more of a tightrope walk of a concept than “New York, I Love You” is, with the risks it takes greatly paying off in the show’s favor.“First Date” poignantly begins by showcasing the random nature of dating apps and how people use the tools.It shows it invading people’s spare time, whether they’re trying to do some grocery shopping, killing time in the bathroom, or feeling the minutes drag by at a funeral.He recreates the same experiences and hopes that the new variable will lead to something magical or different happening.It might seem impersonal to break a date down to the math-like equation and science of it all, but that’s definitely how some people navigate online dating.

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This episode is all about highlighting the eclectic nature of app dating, but this scene acts as a solid distillation of what it’s all about.This is a show where people can watch Aziz Ansari and Eric Wareheim bro-ing out and singing ridiculous rhymes about loving food, but it’s also a series that is capable of knocking viewers back with some very real insight and commentary on romance and love in the current age.second season is its fourth entry, “First Date.” Written by Sarah Schneider and directed by Wareheim, the episode tells an incredibly simple story—Dev (Ansari) goes on a bunch of dates courtesy of a Tinder-like app—but it’s that simplicity that allows the episode to get so experimental with how it presents its information to the audience.Highlighting Dev’s somewhat rehearsed nature through each of his dates effectively shows the monotony of this experience.

It’s easy to picture Dev going on another dozen dates offscreen that feature more or less the same results of these ones.and many more, which all effectively portray realistic, flawed glimpses of modern love.

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