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My earliest memories were me mesmerized that a brown wooden box 10 times as big as me actually gave life to a sound. V V: There are always online degrees, which I would love to do if I have time, otherwise no regrets.

TR: I’ve read that you were accepted at some top universities in the UK , but chose to pursue music first. You have to do what you love and that was music for me.

(Gratitude to folks like the sweet-as-pie Korean gals at my local coffee shop who decided I shouldn't pay for pastries when they discovered I was a writer.) Your kind words of support and encouragement were deeply appreciated, whether in the comments, giving me digital love, or on the streets.

If you found something here that was interesting enough to spark a feeling, a thought, a plan ... But if it was just soulful enough to entertain you on occasion, then know that I'm smiling as I walk out the door.

TR: You’ve written tunes for some other musical acts. V V: Being in the right place at the right time and being open minded to opportunity.

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My family has never been well off and my parents have always taught my brother and I that if we want something we should work for it and earn it ourselves.Incredible.) I am ashamed to admit that I’ve thought twice, and sometimes even completely avoided going somewhere or hanging out with people for fear of what others would it would be perceived. where you are forever running into people you know – is a huge adjustment. I remember the days I used to drive around Miami,, going in and out of different social circles without anyone really caring or judging me for it. Do I obey the “unwritten rules of Trinidadian society” or do I break them? I kinda just want to walk the fine line between both and see what happens. Many of you (if you’re reading this from Lebanon) can empathize with me when I say that finding a job while in Lebanon is hard enough. It’s always nice, but after 10 days or so, I begin to get antsy and am always more than ready to get back home. ) Something about this trip was different though…very different.