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Please keep in mind that the documentation for each major version also contains all minor versions that may appear.For example, the v2017.1 guides contain all updates brought by SP 1. The array variable is a type of variable which enables you to store multiple values of the same type.Template Strings can contain placeholders for string substitution using the As all string substitutions in Template Strings are Java Script expressions, we can substitute a lot more than variable names.For example, below we can use expression interpolation to embed for some readable inline math: Multiline strings in Java Script have required hacky workarounds for some time.They introduce a way to define strings with domain-specific languages (DSLs), bringing better: So far, Template Strings haven't given us anything more than normal strings do. One of their first real benefits is string substitution.Substitution allows us to take any valid Java Script expression (including say, the addition of variables) and inside a Template Literal, the result will be output as part of the same string.This can be useful for all sorts of things, but one of the most straightforward is automatic escaping of any interpolated variables.

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The latter refers to the “track artist” when it is present, which means that albums that have tracks from different artists on them (like Stop Making Sense, for example) will be placed into different folders!

Continuing with the Stop Making Sense example, you’ll end up with most of the tracks in a “Talking Heads” directory and one in a “Tom Tom Club” directory. So use Occasionally, bands release two albums with the same name (c.f.