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18-Dec-2017 18:53

Question: Can you recommend a good introduction to philosophy text?

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Upon reaching the view that these Christian claims could be heavily evidenced, I came to the view that Christianity was far stronger than other religions that made claims without having evidence. As a scholar of classical literature, he introduces many mythological characters that evangelicals don't normally discuss today. It seems I read somewhere years ago (but I'm not positive) that Lewis said that if he knew when he wrote Narnia what he knew then, he wouldn't have mentioned things like "white magic" and so on.

I think Lewis is mistaken concerning various theological tenets, and some of these items are more important than others.

Even if he shouldn't have used some of the images and words that he did, I fail to see how that makes everything he wrote wrong or satanic.

Please add a good introduction to the problem of evil. Answer: For a good (but still rigorous) introduction to philosophy text, I'd strongly recommend JP Moreland & William Lane Craig, Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview (Intervarsity Press, 2003).

Less difficult but still good is Ronald Nash's text, Life's Ultimate Questions (Zondervan Publishing, 1999). On the problem of evil, you might try his classic text God, Freedom, & Evil, which was published by both Harper as well as by Eerdmans.

For example, the subject of ancient parallels to Christianity has experienced a bit of resurgence in recent years.

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