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31-Oct-2017 14:30

In modern times, emphasis on the institution of marriage, generally described as a male-female bond, has obscured pair bonds formed by same-sex and transsexual couples, and that many heterosexual couples also bond for life without offspring, or that often pairs that do have offspring separate.Thus, the concept of marriage is changing widely in many countries.

It estimated that the number of Asian women being diagnosed with breast cancer has more than doubled since 1998, from 60 to 130 women per 100,000 Asian women every year.

A number of South-Asian women in the UK are hiding their cancer diagnosis because of the social 'stigma'.

Some see having the disease as a punishment from God or believe by having a smear test they are 'no longer pure'.

Pravina Patel found a lump in her breast when she was 36, she told the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme.

Growing up in a strict Indian community where even talking about the disease was considered shameful, she hid her diagnosis from family and friends.'I just thought if people hear the fact that I've got cancer, they're going to think it's a death sentence,' she said.

Pooja Saini, from CLAHRC North-West Coast, a research arm of the NHS that examines health inequalities, said she discovered some women do not have treatment because losing their hair would reveal their diagnosis.