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This same layer also extends across North Africa and the Middle East, including Jordan and the city of Petra (Figure 2).

It can even be found across parts of South America, demonstrating that the basal Sauk sandstone layer (the Tapeats equivalent) extends across multiple continents.

They have failed to develop an acceptable model to explain these widespread deposits, and yet there they are, stacked one on top of the other across multiple continents.

The continuity of the basal Sauk sandstone layer across North America is a testament to the Flood, specifically to the extent and uniformity of the first marine transgression of the continents.

The stated that "the collapse of a kilometres-high glacial dam at the end of the last ice age caused a massive outflow of meltwater into the Arctic or North Atlantic Ocean near Hudson Bay, generating a sharp rise in sea levels around the world and profoundly altering the Earth's climate." During the most severe period of the Ice Age, one third of earth's land area was covered by thick ice sheets and glaciers.

Most of that ice melted and added its water volume to the world's oceans, including bodies of meltwater that broke through their glacial dams.

As the ice melted and ice dams were breached in various places around the world, the sea level would have risen over 300 feet.

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Human settlements would have been displaced accordingly.

The basal Sauk Megasequence also coincides with the Cambrian Explosion, where fossils representing most animal phyla suddenly appear in the rock record.

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