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Then it was about possession, so I was a little hesitant, because I’m not particularly interested in that genre.But the scenes that I read, they were not about possession; they were about Kyle recounting a dark history to Reverend Anderson and a flashback where Kyle and his wife are deciding whether or not to have a child.I was only able to appreciate that six, seven years down the line, once we started jumping over to RED cameras and things like that.It’s an awesome thing to watch because it’s so much a part of its time, but it also holds up so well because of how personal it was for Cameron Crowe and how it came off.” I would go overboard and he would cry and then Mom would come down and that would be the end of the filming for that day. FUGIT: I waited as long as I could, until 2009 or 10. Then I had to be realistic: “Okay, if I’m going to be an actor and have any kind of career, I’ve got to be on either coast.” L. They were different characters and they were cool projects, and now and then there’d be a gap in between. As I started working, I really started appreciating the art form of filmmaking a lot more. I’ve made choices so far that I felt were based on having variety and being different.I lived in Utah for almost 10 years after I started my career. BROWN: Is there a role you’ve always wanted to play or a muscle you’ve always wanted to flex but don’t feel like you’ve had the opportunity to yet? Certainly I’ve played characters that are similar tonally.

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“But what Robert’s doing with it—the way that he’s telling the stories and the context and the rules that apply within the world—is unique, at least to me as an audience member.”. I was some redneck, skater kid from Utah with long hair and they put me in fucking snakeskin pants and only a very sheer overshirt and they had three models hanging on me.

When his stepsister (Wrenn Schmidt) coerces him out of the house, some locals unsubtly avoid him, while others offer their condolences. “I was just a kid.”But Kyle’s mother wasn’t sick, she was possessed by an evil force—possibly just evil itself—and Kyle was the one who exorcised her.

Clearly some horrible thing has happened in his past: there are whispers about an abusive mother, an estranged wife (Kate Lyn Sheil) and daughter.

I know when she’s attached to something it’s cool, so right away I was paying attention.

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Robert Kirkman’s name was on it and I was aware of like Norman Reedus, so I was a bit excited.We did some CGI—there was a little goblin character running around that wasn’t there on set—so I’d had some experience with it, but most of it is happening on . [You’re] as careful as can be, unless you’re Gabriel, then you just bite and pull the hair of the other actor and punch them for real, which is cool. I accidentally hit him in the arm once, and that wasn’t great. BROWN: Are you one of those people who wanted to be an actor when you were five years old? FUGIT: Well, Dad was a motorcycle racer, so that was first. FUGIT: Even Dad told me, “Listen, you can’t be a motorcycle racer.

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