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are back in town (season two of the hit TBS sitcom premiered on July 30), checked in with leading lady Jordana Spiro to see what’s in store for this season — one word: Brendan — and what it’s like to play PJ, a sportswriter who’s the ultimate guy’s girl. Well, last year we only filmed for a couple of days and this year we filmed for a week. I guess you can get a little buzzed if you drink 99 of them. We’ve started to swap it out with sodas and water and things like that. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What did you think when you heard that , because I’ve learned there’s no rhyme or reason to it at all. We shot in the marina right outside Soldier Field, we shot at the top of the Sears Tower, on State Street, and in front of the Drake Hotel. Trust me, I don’t think you’d hear rumblings from anybody in the cast if they told us we were actually shooting the show in Chicago instead of L. This season of has concentrated less on character-building story arcs and more on standalone episode shenanigans. Of course, Steph has been busy writing and dispensing love advice; it’s not like she had a lot of time to concentrate on that Darcy/Lizzy thing she and Kenny have going on.We won’t find out about a renewal until September, but if it does come back I wouldn’t mind seeing a longer season. We’ve become a pretty tight little group and it’s a good feeling. I think people are considering it my breakout role primarily for the amount of exposure it’s given me. Do you think you’d be friends with PJ in real life? So she kind of just takes things with a grain of salt? She doesn’t sweat the small stuff, but at the same time she cares very deeply for her friends. She probably has to, to be a female journalist who follows the Cubs. There are more and more female sports reporters, but I think they definitely still have to fight an initial prejudice. After five or six of those near beers your stomach doesn’t feel too nice. Would you, as Jordana, want to see PJ and Brendan together? Why do you think people are considering this your breakout role? And I think all of the frustrations I had with acting are actually positive attributes to her character. One of the things I really like about PJ, let me try to phrase this in the right way — she lets things roll off her back very easily and that is something that I try to take from her. This season PJ experiments a lot in her dating life. Hopefully we’ll have several seasons where we keep exploring that.There seem at first no pitfalls to this guy-friendly act.

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When we found out it was picked up, I was just over the moon. " P J Franklin is a droll writer for a city newspaper who, hunched over a laptop in a picturesque apartment, labors over analogies about romance.(''Love is like baseball.'') She's the star pitcher and dogged narrator of ''My Boys,'' a new show about a clique of friends looking for love. It's pointless to dismiss ''My Boys'' as yet another ''Sex and the City'' copycat. And when it comes to love, I bet we could all use a few tips from PJ and how realistic she is about it.

This year’s finale was filmed on location at the Cubs’ spring training camp in Arizona, where P. and Bobby both try to work fresh angles on a story, while the rest of the gang gets up to the standard hijinks that usually ensue when they’re left alone for too long (mustache growing contest, anyone? Spiro called parts of the finale “guerrilla-style film-making,” which is maybe true if you’re Sacha Baron Cohen, but probably not so much when you look like Jordana Spiro. J.] comes up with is a hack, cliché story idea that’s been done a million times before and she’s kind of freaking out.On this episode of Nashville, titled "Second Chances," Deacon and Jessie try dating, Scarlett considers quitting music, Gunnar and Will convince Avery to join them on stage and Juliette learns more about Darius' followers.

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