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(It wouldn't be Japan without an appearance by the Carpenters.)I couldn't hear anything particularly different with the orchestral piece, but the choir music was immediately striking. I'll avoid going into my view on them and why they are deities in Japan, and will just say that Karen's voice was lovely, and the production on a song like 'We've Only Just Begun' is revealed in a whole new way via the AGS.It sounded as if the choir was surrounding you, with voices coming at you from all directions. We were then invited to each play a track we had brought with us on CD.In October, I was invited by NOE to attend a demonstration at their engineering studio in Chiba, where they would be introducing their Acoustic Grove System (AGS), a sound filtering system now used by various recording studios.A small group including journalists, DJs, an astronomer(!In America, African dance was woven through religious ceremony and social assemblies and served to preserve the sense of identity and personal history.From the 1600s on, casual and intentional performances of the explosive, sensuous, grounded and rhythmic dances captured public imagination.) and myself were picked up near Tokyo Station and driven about an hour or so out to the lab.

There are no limits to the directions jazz choreographers may explore -- tomorrow's jazz hasn't even been imagined today.

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For more than half a century, Nihon Onkyo Engineering has designed interior construction for acoustic rooms, recording and broadcast studios, performance halls and public spaces.

I was eager to hear the tone of those two instruments in particular on the tune 'African Village'.they were astounding, far beyond what I had even imagined. And the drums were incredible, the high-hat and bass drum came at you from different directions, making it seem like there were two drummers in the room.

Fantastic, propulsive tune on the most common headphones but with the AGS it was truly alive.

Our development of the Acoustic Grove System was a result of our exploration of the connection between the acoustic mechanisms of the forest and this comfortableness.