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Finely sliced pieces of aubergines are dipped in a special batter, blended with coriander and chilly, before frying. Rasam traditionally prepared using tamarind juice as a base, with the addition of tomato, chilly, pepper, cumin and other spices as seasoning.

A spicy and crispy bhaji made with onion, chilly, curry leaves and ginger dipped and fried in chickpea flour batter and crispy fried. Kerala style chicken masala recipe is a family favorite, it made with cubes of chicken cooked in a thick sauce of onions, green chillies, ginger and tomatoes.

The "Ury" was one such relic that served the bygone.

It is fairly a simple rig that is used to preserve cuisines for longer periods.

Fresh King prawns marinated in refreshing spices and fried in the traditional fashion.

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I decide that I like our local guide and driver Chamindah despite his hapless nature and his lackadaisical attitude about punctuality.These "ury"'s were usually kept at certain height from the ground with the help of coir ropes attached to the roofs.The "Ury"'s were usually used to store clay pots and other earthen ware and was very common among the keralite household.A narrow strip of land with Arabian sea on one side and western ghats on the other.

The tropical greenery of Kerala offers a plethora of different experiences and is indeed aptly dubbed "Gods Own Country".A taste of all our specialities samples from our pre-meal snacks, starters, curry selections, side dishes, rice, breads and traditional Keralite sweets.