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In the 16th century cattle export was also significant.

After the Swedish Wars in the 17th century the town suffered from losing its foreign export privileges and from competition from Fredericia on the other side of the belt, which not only had a ferry link to Strib but levied customs duties on traffic through the Little Belt.

The rail link between Middelfart and Nyborg opened in 1865, bringing added prosperity despite the fact that it connected with the ferry from Strib rather than the one from Middelfart.

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Horsens New Theatre is a cultural centre which holds over 200 events annually.In the 13th century the city got its own legal code.Excavations have shown that the city was expanded around 1300, with a moat going around the city and its harbour.The name is considered humorous by English speakers.

It is not known when the town was established but it certainly owes its existence to its location at the narrowest point across the Little Belt.The first Danish iron foundry outside of Copenhagen was opened as well as tobacco and textile factories.

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