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Last year we decided to implement a billable hour expectation of 1,800 hours for the associates. This at-large delegate’s term will commence immediately.

This delegate will be part of the ISBA delegation at the ABA Midyear Meeting in Vancouver in Feb., 2018.

2013 was the year when consumer technology really became part of our daily lives.

Thanks to a confluence of hardware, software and infrastructure the devices we own can now help us with exercise, trips, dating, and business (with CRM software available for mobiles you can be a pro businessman all the time.) We’ve summed up 2013 in tech in our infographic featuring best smartphones, tablets, laptops, apps and other gadgets. Who hasn’t heard of the i Phone 5s, for example, and wasn’t hyped by rumors of a champagne-tinged model?

"There's nothing wrong with it, and it's even desirable in most instances," says Lupel, who appeared with Daniel Breen of Chicago's Breen Goril Law during a CLE presentation at the ISBA's Solo and Small Firm Practice Institute in October.

"If you are not that specialist, and you know a specialist, the client is going to get a better deal if you refer." Whether and when to refer is a case-by-case judgment based on one's confidence level in handling a particular matter, Lupel says.

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"But if you're a real estate lawyer, and you get a medical malpractice case, that decision should be easy." Other judgments are trickier, he says. As a result you will also not be able to log into Fastcase, online CLE, and ISBA Central."You may handle small personal injury cases, and this is a big one. Here is what you need to know and steps you can take to ensure continued service.