Books about teenage dating violence

22-Nov-2017 17:07

Please send me an email for consideration with the title, release date, and synopsis. In plain English, this means that I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you) if you purchase something through the links provided.Helping Books Literature Database: Author, title, pub.

That Portray War and the Struggle for Peace.' Author, title, webcat links for about a dozen picture books, almost 20 juvenile fiction titles, about 15 YA titles, and a handful of non-fiction books. Books About Real Life (Reading Matters, UK): 'Children behaving badly, bullying, etc., or quite ordinary children caught up in real events which are too big to handle.' Author, title, summary for over 20 books for younger readers and about 45 books for older readers.

Books About Bullies (Laurel Indalecio, El Paso Public Library, TX): Author, title, summary for about 30 books on dealing with bullies, including non-fiction, junior fiction, and easy readers. Bullies in Children's Literature (Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site): Narrative discussion of about 10 books featuring bullies, including picture books and juvenile fiction. Books on Death (Seattle Public Library, WA): Fiction (mostly) and non-fiction titles suggested for children and families, 18 books in all, from picture books up. Chronic Illness: Loved Ones (Daily Dose of Reading, OH): Author, title summary for about 15 books about moms, dads, and teachers with a chronic illness (mostly cancer). Death, Grief and Healing (Cynthia Leitich - Children's Literature Resources): Author, title, recommended reading level, and summary for 10 books for ages 4-teens. Choosing Children's Books: Grief (The Word Pool, UK): Author, title, summary, age level for 8 books about grief.

Promoting Peace (Cary Memorial Library, Lexington, MA): 4-page PDF. Bereavement: A Booklist for Children and Young People (City of Birmingham, UK): Author, title, summary for 9 fiction titles (mostly picture books) and 16 non-fiction titles. Also: 9 books to help children deal with their feelings when a grandparent dies and 4 books about the death of a pet. My Tooth Is Loose and Other Books About Teeth (Naperville PL, IL): 2-page PDF. Getting Glasses (Daily Dose of Reading, OH): Author, title summary for about 12 books about getting glasses.

They include fantasy, folklore and fiction; most are more suited for older listeners than for the very young.' Author, title, and summary for 10 books. Promoting Peace (Cary Memorial Library, Lexington, MA): PDF.

Author and title (no summaries) for about 50 picture books about peaceful relationships, bullying, war, etc, and another 25 books for older children on the same topics.If you would like a book to be on this upcoming release list, I’m happy to accommodate. This small income goes back into my blog, so I can continue to create fun content for you.