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16-Jul-2017 15:15

We settled into a routine: Each day, it seemed, Janice and Roy would do something new to take me further into the abyss of degradation. Hell, for awhile there, I hardly ever got to see my own wife naked.

I'd taken up permanent residence in the guest room, and I wasn't privvy to Janice's more intimate moments, like showering or dressing.

I wake up in my pink canopied bed, with my small pink chest at the foot of the bed with a life size model of Sir Thomas’s cock and balls on it, which I pray to every night.

Oh my God I hadn’t been in side her pussy in what seemed like forever let alone allowed to cum. It said that upon our marriage I would sign EVERYTHING I owned over to Gina.As she talked I moved back and forth on the bed humping her arm, as the combination of the conversation, her fondling my balls, and the sex I had just witnessed was driving me mad.As she talked, I was going crazy wanting to come, but she kept telling me no I had to wait for her permission.Pattie raised her pale foot with her scarlet red polish that I had applied earlier accenting her beautiful feet. " I could feel my face turning crimson, "pinky is all drippy." She presented her foot to me and I obediently licked it off while the two of them snickered.

My wife Stephanie and her boss Franks affair was now out in the open.Frank is a doctor and my wife runs the office for him. As I wrote in a previous story, I was out of town while Frank and Stephanie made their affair known to me. That first night was and incredible mixture of lust, jealousy, satisfaction, fantasy, reality all balled into one.